The West coast winter is highly unpredictable. Having the right winter wardrobe can make it more bearable.  Putting our coziest wardrobe staples front-and-center is a welcomed idea. To start winter right, it beings with a good coat for winter.

Winter Coats 101:

1. Go Down— Now many down filled jackets are machine washable, however watch out for labels are care instructions.

2. Get Hood—The hood can be your hairs best friend in the winter. Not only will the hood feature keep you warmer, but adds a stylish appeal.

3. Long and Lean— Longer coats make you look taller and thinner. Covering your thighs and legs will keep you extra protected against the harsh elements this winter.

4.  Luxurious —Cashmere; pricy, but warmer than wool. It doesn’t add as much bulk as wool, so it can make you appear less bundled but just as warm. It is a contemporary classic look, and the investment could be well worth it, as it will last you for years.

I like this simple stylish Calvin Klein down coat features a cozy quilted texture and faux-fur hood.